It’s More Than Genes

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I often hear the argument, “Well, Grandma never took supplements and she lived to be 95.” This is based on the false hypothesis that your health depends entirely on your genetic make-up. So, if Grandma was healthy, you will be too. Yes, your genes matter, but the trigger points for chronic illness such as diabetes and heart disease are clearly directed by what you are feeding your body. And it is a fact that the food your Grandma fed her body is no longer widely available to you. Food has changed nutritionally, genetically, and chemically.

Today the food system is compromised. The nutrition required by all of us for health and wellbeing is becoming harder and harder to access commercially. Knowing your farmers, meat producers, and other food providers is becoming critical to maintaining health and avoiding chronic diseases of the industrialized world. Food should be a restorative and healing fuel for the body, not for comfort, relief, or social entertainment in a high-pressure society. As you read our blog and if you purchase the book, you learn that one of the most difficult truths for many people to accept is: food can be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

Do you have the same vigor and energy you had just a few years ago? Do you look at your aging body and declining energy as simply the evidence of the passage of years? Please know, most people should have a much higher level of health and wellbeing, which is achievable by following a few simple guidelines. My aim is to help your body operate at peak levels, age naturally and avoid disease. My understanding of health and wellbeing has changed since I began to practice medicine. Over the past ten years, I have learned more about “alternative” health and disease prevention than I did in the traditional study of medicine at school.My continual hope for this blog and my Healing Handbook is that they will equip you to know how to make well- informed decisions about their life and health maintenance, keeping you from poor operational function and ultimately disease.

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