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Episode 5: PMS, Hot Flashes, Insomnia, Mood Swings….Is that you?

If you struggle with PMS, hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, fatigue, or PCOS listen up as I tackle these and other common hormone imbalance issues.

[0:38] Hormone balance and other issues people struggle with.
[2:09] How hormones are supposed to work.
[3:58] More estrogen than progesterone.
[5:52] Cosmetics can contain chemicals that can throw off hormone levels.
[6:42] How weight plays into it.
[8:04] What to do when you are out of balance? First, get a good nights sleep.
[9:03] Diet is crucial.
[10:06] Supplements can also help.
11:14] Post menopause.

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