Functional Medicine

Dr. Deanna has been actively involved in a Functional Medicine fellowship program since January 2013, and practices functional medicine on a very limited basis. Functional medicine, sometimes called “integrative medicine,” strives to improve total body health by optimizing the functions of the body through the correcting of nutritional deficiencies, reducing oxidative stress, and decreasing inflammation. It’s a more natural approach to disease prevention and reversal, often starting with what is at the end of your fork. When one balances hormones, reduces the body’s toxic load, and corrects the extensive and pervasive nutritional deficiencies by eating a whole food plant-based diet and limiting sugars and simple carbs, inflammation will decrease, cardiac function improves, metabolic function improves, immunity improves, neurological function improves, and the body has the ability to restore itself to the best possible health position.

Dr. Deanna practices functional medicine for patients of all ages.  Her office is now located online! Fill out a consultation request form below.

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